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Teams (levels)

IronHawk Mini-Hawks  (Practice 1 time a week – Wednesdays)

      • Must be at least 5 years old
      • In first 1-2 years of wrestling
      • Mini-Hawks are by themselves (do not practice with other teams)
      • Practice sessions for Min-Hawk wrestlers will include games, tumbling, technique and a bit of live wrestling.
      • The goal is for the kids to have fun, learn basic skills and get introduced to the sport of wrestling.

    Please note that  – Mini-Hawk wrestlers (and other A & B wrestlers) may graduate up to higher level teams based on performance criteria, coaches evaluation, and input from parents. The additional registration fee amount will be assessed for these individuals.

Novice B   (Practice 2 times a week – Mondays and Thursdays)

  • Wrestlers in their first two years that have a basic grasp on the fundamentals and can demonstrate the proper methods of the essentials (stance, drop step, sprawl, switch, stand-up, etc.) This group is primarily the wrestlers that are in their second year and had some success at the novice competitions.


Novice A (Advanced)  (Practice 3 times a week – Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays)

  • Wrestlers that are in their first two seasons will be considered novice.  Novice A is geared toward those wrestlers that still need significant work on the very basic concepts of wrestling (stance, shooting, sprawling and basic body control)  This could also include wrestlers that have a below .500 record for competitions.




Varsity (Practice 3 times a week – Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays)

  • These wrestlers are typically more advanced than the novice groups and can demonstrate the fundamentals of wrestling with little difficulty. Their practices move to 1-1/2 hour practices 3 days a week.  They will compete in tougher competition and potentially travel for that competition.  



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