Welcome to Ironhawk Wrestling Acadamy

Rules & Policies

Practice Facility
Hildebrandt/Nebe Wrestling facility is one of the premier wrestling facilities in the state. Through your actions, all wrestlers, coaches, and guests shall respect the property, equipment, and mats.

All guests are limited to utilizing the mat area and rest rooms. All other areas and/or equipment are prohibited including offices, locker area, exercise equipment and school facilities.

All trash and materials brought into the wrestling facility must to be discarded and/or removed at the conclusion of each practice.

Any non-participating children in attendance during practices must be under the constant supervision of a nonparticipating adult.

Emergency Contact Information
Coaches will have your emergency contact number in case we need to contact you during a practice.

All tobacco and alcohol use is prohibited in wrestling facility or on facility grounds.

Wrestling Attire/Clothing
During practice, we ask that all wrestlers were the issued Ironhawk practice shirts when on the mats and preparing for practice. No “street” shoes should ever be worn when on the mats and no wrestling shoes should be worn outside. As a reminder, wrestling clothing should not have zippers or abrasive material. Workout pants are okay as long as they are appropriate.

Special Equipment
Mouth guards are highly recommended for any wrestlers with braces. This is a national high school rule, and it’s for the protection of their teeth, and other wrestlers.

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