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Coaching Philosophy

“Believe in yourself and believe in the Program”

Wrestling is not an easy sport! That being said, those individuals that participate and are committed will find that wrestling can be one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. They will develop qualities and life lessons that will enrich their lives forever.

At Ironhawk Academy, we have a strong belief in the need to focus on the fundamentals. Wrestling stats collected from a study of the Olympics and World Championships from 2000-2014, showed that more than 90% of scoring centered around 4-5 basic concepts. The best and most successful wrestlers at all levels understand and know how to flawlessly execute basic fundamental wrestling skills. At Ironhawk, we reinforce this point as well.

In addition to focusing on fundamentals, it’s also important to focus on what we can control. No matter what we do or strive to achieve, a strong focus on the things that are within our control will greatly enhance our chances for success. Unfortunately, many individuals and teams waste time and energy worrying about things we can’t control, and therefore, have little impact on the end result or outcome. When we focus on what we can control, we know what we did, we know the results (positive or negative), we know why the outcome occurred, and we understand why we were successful, or what we need to do to improve. This practice is healthy, it’s motivational, and it leads to success.

Lastly, wrestling is both an individual and a team sport with very little subjectivity in determining the winners and the losers. For this reason, three main qualities are the driving force behind success and failure. These qualities include: 1) Attitude, 2) Ability and 3) Effort. Ability is God-given, and while we can enhance our technique and skills, our ability, for the most part, is out of our control. What we can control is the attitude we choose to have, and the effort we wish to put forth. We decide to be positive or negative in what we say and how we act. We also choose to focus, work hard, and give it our best, or we decide not to. When an individual has God-given ability, maintains a good attitude, and puts forth great effort, this combination almost always guarantees success. Additionally, a strong focus on our effort and our attitude can make up for gaps in skill or ability.

In summary, our job as coaches at Ironhawk Academy is to ensure that we focus on the flawless execution of fundamentals, and we remain focused on what we can control. We will do everything possible to motivate, instruct, and develop your wrestler’s skills & abilities so he/she can be the best that they can be, both on the mat and off. I will put them in situations that are challenging, and I’ll also provide him/her with opportunities to do well and experience success. In turn, I expect our wrestlers to have a good attitude, demonstrate exceptional effort, and have fun. Our wrestlers must believe in themselves, believe in the team, and “buy in” to the program. When we all do our jobs and do what is expected, the Ironhawk experience will be an outstanding one for coaches, wrestlers and parents.

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