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Coaches Code of Conduct

All of our Ironhawk coaches are dedicated and caring individuals that have a wealth of experience and love for the sport of wrestling. We are committed to exemplifying the club’s mission and values and ensuring that good sportsmanship, pride, honor, and concern for the well being of our TEAM is our top priority. Ironhawk coaches recognize the privilege of coaching our fine young wrestlers and the influence they can have on these athletes. You have our commitment that our coaches will:

  • Serve as positive role models to our wrestlers and hold themselves to the same high standards of conduct as we do our wrestlers. This sets a good example for wrestlers, parents and spectators to follow.
  • Model appropriate conduct by refraining from profanity, disrespectful conduct, and the use of alcohol or tobacco in front of our wrestlers or other situations where our conduct could undermine our positive impact as a role model.
  • Promote safe competition by putting safety and health considerations above the desire to win; never permit our wrestlers to intentionally injure any person or engage in reckless behavior that might cause injury to themselves or others.
  • Plan each practice based on the “Ironhawk Skill Progression” outline, and come prepared and organized for each clinic.
  • Seek out competitive opportunities for our wrestlers consistent with their abilities.
  • Teach, coach, push and encourage all of our wrestlers to achieve their potential and bring out the champion in each wrestler.
  • Put winning in its proper perspective, as we teach to be humble in victory and respectful in defeat.
  • Treat all people with respect, including officials, coaches, opponents, spectators, and others at all times.
  • Use positive coaching methods to make the experience enjoyable, increase self-esteem and foster a love and appreciation for our sport. Refrain from physical or psychological intimidation, verbal abuse, and conduct that is demeaning to student-athletes or others.
  • Encourage our wrestlers to pursue victory with honor, to support our TEAM, to do their best and continually improve through personal effort and discipline. Discourage selfishness and put less emphasis on the final outcome of the match, and more emphasis on effort, improvement, teamwork, and winning or losing with character.
  • Leave personal/work issues at the door; stay focused & motivated in order to provide the best instruction possible. Remember, this is about the kids, not about you. Plan to check your ego at the door.
  • Promote a Caring Environment by consistently demonstrating concern for our wrestlers as individuals and encourage them to look out for one another and think and act as a TEAM!
  • Proper conduct is an expectation for Ironhawk coaches. Alleged misconduct by a coach will be reviewed by the Advisory Board to determine the appropriate disciplinary action, if any.
  • In summary, all Ironhawk coaches thank you for the confidence you have bestowed on us to coach and teach your sons. We appreciate this privilege and consider it an honor. We promise to follow our golden rule. Do what’s right!

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