Welcome to Ironhawk Wrestling Acadamy

About Us

Welcome to Ironhawk Wrestling Academy

Our Mission is to teach life skills, provide high level instruction and opportunities in a fun and positive environment while fostering a LOVE for the sport!


Hildebrandt/Nebe Wrestling facility is home to Ironhawk, and enjoys one of the largest and most well-equipped facilities in the state. This not only allows for more enjoyable and productive training sessions, it also enhances the safety of the wrestlers who are competing.


As with the wrestlers, Ironhawk enjoys having hard-working, dedicated parents who are committed to their son’s progress, development, and well-being.


Participating in a program that’s highly successful and attracts talented athletes brings out the best in everyone. Expectations and standards are high, and these priorities help raise the bar for all participants. When you practice and compete with good wrestlers, your skills improve and you become better yourself. This program breeds hard-working and talented wrestlers.

In closing, I hope you’re part of the Ironhawk Academy experience. If you are, I promise to help you maximize your skills, enhance your development, and be the best that you can be. Thank you, and I hope to see you on the mats in the near future.

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